Give yourself the gift of sight this mother’s day.

For most mothers the most magical day in their life was the day they became a mother.

This is followed by a few months of exhaustion. But worth it, of course. Yet another challenge is added when your baby starts grabbing your glasses. Babies are so inquisitive and just want to know what everything is.

When your little one grabs them, say no, then put him/her down for a minute. Be patient. It may take several times, hundreds of times, to get the message through. Just be consistent.

The second option is to wear contact lenses. This might not be practical when you must get up in the middle of the night.

You could also consider laser vision correction, like LASIK. This can give you the freedom of clear vision without any corrective devices. Give yourself the gift of sight this Mother’s Day.

Disclaimer: You should not have laser vision correction while pregnant or breast feeding. Glasses are safe because there is no medical procedure involved. If you are happy to wear glasses LASIK is not for you. LASIK is a lifestyle procedure providing unaided vision. According to research the cumulative risk of contacts may be more than LASIK.

Three-Year Longitudinal Survey Comparing Visual Satisfaction with LASIK and Contact Lenses

Written by Dr Yolandie


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