Influencer & Sight Stories

Influencers Exchange Agreement Transparency

The aim of Influencer Exchange agreements is to promote and create awareness around Laser Vision Correction and ensure authentic real-life experiences are shared to ensure accurate representation of the procedures.

Influencers are either contacted by our marketing team, referred by other influencers or contact us out of their own interest. All influencers sign an exchange collaboration contract with our company.

  1. The services delivered to the Influencer by the Company at no charge include the following:
    1. Initial Consultation
    1. Planning Consultation.
    1. The chosen procedure.
    1. A post-operative appointment
    1. Follow-up appointments (Up to 1 year)
  2. The items for own account of Influencer
    1. Eye drops needed for post-operative eye care.
  3. Remuneration
    1. No remuneration is offered.
  4. The following is required from the Influencer in exchange for the items listed above.
    1. Authentic Social media content creation and posting
    1. Influencer Photo for Celebrity wall
    1. Completion of an honest and authentic Sight Story

– The agreement that all content is reviewed and approved by the Company marketing function prior to posting for medical and ethical reasons. These captions and text pieces are by no means changed to be presented as positive the only changes to be made by the company prior to approval are to ensure no canvasing and touting as per HPSCA rules.

Disclaimer:  This post/story/video is part of a collaboration exchange between  Influencer name & Sandton Eye Clinic.

For more information on our influencer exchange agreements you can email our Chief Marketing Officer at

Sight Story Transparency

The aim of the sight story initiative is to share our patient’s real-life experiences to educate and support other patients considering laser vision correction.

  1. The link to fill out a “Sight Story” is sent on a weekly basis to any patient that had a procedure with our practice to share their story with the community.
    1. A “Sight Story” is filled by influencers as well as all paying patients to ensure an authentic and real presentation of laser vision correction procedures experiences.
    1. These stories are compiled by our marketing team from answers given by the patients, their words are however not changed in any way only transcribed to be a story instead of answers for the reader’s pleasure.

Disclaimer:  This Sight Story is answered by name & compiled by Sandton Eye Clinic.

For more information on our Sight Story Transparency you can email our Chief Marketing Officer at