Sandton Eye Clinic



Cataract, Cornea & Refractive Surgeon

MBChB (UP), Dip Ophth (SA), FC Ophth (SA), MMed Ophth (UFS)

He is at the lead of the Emira Eye Clinics not only as the director of the clinics but also as a specialist ophthalmic surgeon with a special interest in cataract, cornea and refractive surgery. 


He completed his ophthalmology degree at the University of the Free State. In the ever-evolving landscape of ophthalmology, Dr Coetzee has made a professional commitment to constantly enhance his expertise and acquire—and share—new knowledge across these surgical disciplines.

As such he has attended numerous international courses, including those at the Singapore National Eye Institute, European Vitreo-Retinal Training School in Bremen, Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery, London Vision Clinic and Wellington Eye Clinic in Ireland. He has received training from such esteemed and internationally renowned experts as Prof. Dan Reinstein and Dr Arthur Cummings.

Dr Coetzee is a member of the Refractive Surgery Alliance (RSA), a network of refractive surgeons spanning more than 30 countries. In addition, he is a preceptor of the RSA Fellowship Network and heads a sub-specialist training sites outside of the USA for refractive surgery, the Emira Eye Clinics group, where he trains the refractive surgeons of the future. He is also a stakeholder of the World College of Refractive Surgery and Visual Sciences.


Dr Coetzee is the co-editor for the new online academic publication: the Journal of Global Refractive Surgery. His passion for the advancement of the discipline also inspires him to do research in refractive and cornea transplant surgery and present on his findings and experiences at congresses.

As a consultant for NGOs including Doctors for Life and the Keratoconus Foundation, he has gained experience in high volume cataract surgery.

Dr Coetzee lives his life by a compass, not a clock. He is an adventurer and it is his nature to go out, to climb crags, and to paddle rivers, to cycle mountains and plunge into the depths of the oceans.

His ophthalmology practices embody his motto: passion for people, passion for eyes, passion for technology.

Dr coetzee

Dr Melody Sun


MBChB (UCT), FC Ophth (SA), MMed Ophth (WITS)

Dr Melody Sun has a keen interest in problem-solving, managing the eye and restoring vision.  This curiosity regarding surgery and the eye prompted her to embark on a medical career and later specialise in ophthalmology, which she believes embodies the art and precision of delicate surgical techniques.  Dr Sun’s career has included being a medical officer for emergency medicine, then ophthalmology, following her internship and community service.

Dr Sun’s entire academic pathway has been a testament to her quest for perfection, having achieved distinction and honours at every stage of her qualifications.  Recently, she was awarded the registrar of the year prize as the top ophthalmology registrar of 2021 in the ophthalmology circuit at the University of the Witwatersrand.  In addition, Dr Sun has published as one of the co-authors in the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences; and the International Journal of Clinical Trials.  She is excited to take on a Refractive Surgery Fellowship in the Emira Group to learn the science behind delivering the perfect vision for patients.

Dr Sun is mom to a five-year-old boy, and in her spare time, her love for tactile artistic pursuits has led her to pottery.

Dr Stacey Mallabone

Medical Officer in Opthalmology

MBChB (Wits)

Dr Stacey Mallabone is an aspiring ophthalmologist and currently a medical officer in ophthalmology. She is a humanitarian who finds joy in helping others. Evidence of this is her volunteer work with an organization that tutors and mentors children from an underprivileged background

She completed her medical degree at Wits university in 2018 and her internship in 2020 at Victoria Hospital in Cape Town.

During her community service she took a special interest in ophthalmological trauma cases while working in the trauma unit at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. She also completed her Acute Trauma, Cardiac and Pediatric Life Support courses.

To start off her career in ophthamology she has aready passed her ophthalmology primary examination and plans to complete her diploma in ophthalmology later this year. Working with a team of ophthalmologists, she will certainly have no shortage of practical experience when she commences her specialization.

She makes her life an adventure by running and cycling.