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Life Without Glasses: A Dancer and Actor’s Experience

A Dancer's story: Life without Glasses

Challenges as a Dancer Before the Procedure:

Before my PRK procedure, I couldn’t do anything without my glasses. The second I woke up, I would need to put my glasses on. For almost two decades of my life, that’s how I lived on a daily basis. Being a professional dancer, I always used to wear straps with my glasses because I didn’t like contact lenses, but when I would start to sweat, my glasses would fog up, which would affect my performance. Being on set as an actor, I would not wear my glasses, so things were blurry on set, which made it challenging to do my job.

First Impressions With Improved Vision:

The freedom I have to do anything without worrying about whether or not I can see that far or so near is honestly life-changing! As a performer, I can step on any stage, any set, without worrying about the lights, fogging, and blurring of my vision. I cried the first time I was on set, and I could see so clearly.


It made everything I do from acting on set, dancing, and DJ-ing, a whole lot easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable! The less I have to worry about my sight, the better I can focus on my performance.

If you are considering this procedure:

I would like to tell someone considering this procedure to stop thinking about it and get it done already! I wish I had done this years ago! It really is a life-changing experience, especially if you can’t do anything without needing your glasses or contacts. It is painless, and Dr. Coetzee talked me through each step of the way. Lastly, I see better than when I had glasses. My vision right now is 20/40, which I didn’t even think was possible. Get it done, and you will be forever grateful you made that decision.

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