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Lasik price on the long run

LASIK Price: Why Rent Your Vision When You Can Own It?

In today’s economy, every expense is scrutinized. When it comes to saving money, LASIK might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the costs of glasses and contact lenses quickly add up. Beyond the priceless experience of seeing without visual aids, LASIK can actually save you money over time. This is why opting for LASIK sooner rather than later is a smart decision.

Have you ever calculated how much you spend on glasses and contact lenses? Cheap solutions often end up costing more in the long run. Glasses and contacts are temporary fixes for permanent refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. It is possible to fix your eyes. Permanently. Less stuff means less to clean, less to organise, less to pack, less repurchases. Some things cost way more when we keep them.

Cost Breakdown Over 10 Years


R30 000
  • Based on R6 000 every 2 years


R 50 000
  • Based on R5 000 annually


R80 000
  • Combining glasses and contacts

Use our LASIK Savings Calculator to determine your long-term savings with Laser Vision Correction with our LASIK Prices.

LASIK Price vs Time: The Most Precious Resource

Imagine not needing to clean your contacts twice a day. Laser vision correction can save you 10 minutes daily, equating to 60 hours annually. Plus, consider the time spent searching for misplaced glasses and readers. The sooner you explore LASIK, the more time you save. Take our self-test to see if you’re a candidate. Remember, wasting time is losing a part of your life.

Lasik cost saving over time

Choosing Sight Without Glasses and Contacts: The Value vs LASIK Price

LASIK Best Cost Decision

Many of our patients say, “Best decision ever. Why didn’t I do it sooner?” Choosing sight without glasses or contacts is life-changing. It is a privilege to be free to just get up and go, dive in and swim and enjoy the comfort of seeing clearly with your own eyes and nothing else. Each year, millions opt for the freedom of LASIK or other vision correction procedures over glasses and contacts. It’s a transformative decision.

Safety is Paramount

LASIK is the safest, most effective, life-changing elective outpatient surgical procedure available. It is also the most studied elective procedure in medicine. Vision correction surgeons themselves undergo LASIK and similar surgeries four times more frequently than the general population, and they regularly recommend it to friends and family. While all medical procedures carry risks, serious complications from LASIK are extremely rare and typically manageable.


The biggest advantage of contact lenses is that they sit directly on your eye, right? Unfortunately this is also their biggest disadvantage. Millions of people experience contact lens intolerance every year with symptoms like dry, irritated eyes, pain and even ulcers. Contact lens wearers have a ten times higher risk for sight threatening infections compared to those who choose LASIK. If you prefer the freedom of contact lenses over glasses, Laser Vision Correction is the next logical step.


Glasses, while safe due to the lack of a medical procedure, can be a liability in certain situations. Losing your glasses or contacts can be more than inconvenient; it can be dangerous. Whether during disasters like fires or floods or simply losing a contact lens while driving, living without lenses can enhance your safety.

Lasik cost and safety

Embrace Life After LASIK

Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from experiencing a life greater than you’ve ever imagined. For active individuals, the improved quality of life post-LASIK is a significant factor in their decision. Ultimately, whether LASIK is worth it is a personal choice.

Maude Sandham discusses LASIK price and her cost saving Visual Freedom Journey

Maude, actress and director, shares how LASIK has transformed her life.

“I have been wearing glasses for near-sightedness since I was 16. Initially, I enjoyed the look, but over 15 years, my vision worsened, and the excitement wore off. The cost of stylish frames and frequent lens updates was steep, and glasses often interfered with my outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing.

LASIK has been a game changer for my confidence and flow in work. Acting without itchy, tired eyes from contact lenses allows me to see, follow, and react with clear vision. My confidence in performing scenes has skyrocketed, and during photoshoots, I no longer feel confused or unsure.

Working late on my laptop has also improved; I don’t strain to see the screen or hunch over, which has eliminated my neck and shoulder pain.

Recently, I realized the joy of buying regular sunglasses without worrying about prescriptions. Hiking and camping are now hassle-free without glasses sliding down my nose or the need to clean contact lenses.

LASIK is a freeing experience, especially for those with active lifestyles. The financial sense of investing in LASIK over years of buying lenses and frames made my decision clear. I might miss my fun frames, but I’m thrilled for this new chapter of adventures with near-perfect sight.”

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