Spring Into Clear Vision: Why This Season is the Perfect Time for LASIK! 

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Laser Vision Correction 2023

–    Screening to determine candidacy

–       Consultation at Medical aid rates Max R4 500  

–       LASIK R28 000 | PresbyLASIK R35 000

–       Clinic closes 22 December 2023 & opens 2 January 2024.

Spring is all about rejuvenation, renewal, and the joy of witnessing the world come alive. And what better way to experience this rebirth than with crystal clear vision? If you’ve been contemplating LASIK surgery here’s why spring might just be the picture-perfect season to take the leap:

Lasik in spring

Breathe Easy this Allergy Season 🌸

Spring, while beautiful, is often marred by the pesky pollen causing allergies. Red, itchy eyes, combined with the discomfort of contact lenses, can make enjoying the outdoors challenging. Opting for LASIK before the pollen starts dancing in the air can significantly reduce eye irritations. Plus, without contacts, you’re not transferring pollen from fingers to eyes. Embrace the blossoms, minus the itches!

Lasik in Spring 2023
Lasik in Spring 2023

Travel Simplified & Amplified ✈️

As the icy grip of winter melts away, our wanderlust awakens. Whether planning a local escape or an overseas adventure, imagine the freedom of traveling without the baggage of glasses or contact solutions. With LASIK, all you need are your travel essentials and a zest for adventure!

Outdoor Adventures Await 🚴‍♂️

Spring is a call to the outdoors. Be it a refreshing swim, a mountain hike, or a game of soccer in the park, LASIK ensures these activities are hassle-free. Dive into the pool, spike a volleyball, or simply enjoy a jog without the weight of glasses or risks associated with contacts.

Lasik in Spring 2023
Lasik in Spring 2023

Sun-soaked Summers Ahead ☀️

With summer on the horizon, think beach outings, barbecues, and spontaneous adventures. With clear vision post-LASIK, you can fully immerse yourself in every sun-soaked moment. For those not travelling this summer, Sandton and Menlyn Eye Clinic will be consulting until 22 December and again from 2 January 2024. Use this opportunity to have LASIK and be ready for your 2024 summer adventure.

Wedding Season in High Definition 👰

With spring and summer come romantic weddings. Embrace the love, laughter, and memories without the glare or discomfort of glasses or contacts. And for the photo buffs, be ready for those close-ups!


Lasik in Spring 2023
Lasik in Spring 2023

A Visionary Investment 💰

Pondering over LASIK’s initial cost? Consider it a visionary investment, especially when you can use your tax refund. It’s a long-term gain, eliminating recurring expenses on eyewear. For the remainder of 2023 Sandton and Menlyn Eye Clinic will offer limited complimentary screening slots for Laser Vision Correction. This means that you can be screened free of charge and plan to have your recommended procedure at your convenience without any immediate capital layout.


Swimming with Contacts: Dive in at Your Own Risk 🏊‍♂️

While the allure of a refreshing swim is undeniable, swimming with contacts is a gamble. Water bodies, from swimming pools to oceans, are teeming with microorganisms. When you swim with contacts, you risk trapping harmful pathogens, like the notorious Acanthamoeba, between the lens and your eye. This can lead to severe infections, painful corneal ulcers, or even potential vision loss. LASIK frees you from this risk, allowing you to enjoy water activities with peace of mind. According to research contact lens wear has a ten times higher risk of sight threatening infections than LASIK.

Lasik in Spring 2023

What to expect: The LASIK Recovery Journey

LASIK is the safest, most effective, life changing elective outpatient surgical procedure of any kind of all time..

LASIK changes your life, with a surprisingly short recovery time. Here’s a glimpse into the recovery timeline:

Lasik in spring

Immediately Post-Surgery: Some discomfort and blurriness are typical for a few hours. Rest up, avoid eye rubbing, and be diligent with the prescribed drops.

24 Hours Post-Surgery: A noticeable improvement in vision is common. Most patients already have 90% of their final resulton day 1. Ensure you attend the follow-up exam.

First Week: Night-time eye shields are a must. Say no to dusty environments and be careful with eye makeup.

First Month: Refrain from swimming and water-based activities. Having LASIK this spring means you will be ready to dive in and swim this summer.

Lasting Vision, Lasting Joy!

By the time summer fully blooms, you’ll be ready to dive headfirst into adventures with unmatched clarity! Life is a vivid tapestry of experiences. And with clear vision, every hue, every shade, every moment becomes infinitely more vibrant. This spring, choose the joy of sight without glasses or contact lenses at Sandton or Menlyn Eye Clinic. After all, the world is too beautiful to view through a blur! Whether you’re 18, 60, or somewhere in between, LASIK offers a chance at spectacle independence. After 60 refractive cataract surgery may still be an option for spectacle independence.

For the remainder of 2023 Sandton and Menlyn Eye Clinic will offer limited complimentary screening slots for Laser Vision Correction. This means that you can be screened free of charge and plan to have your recommended procedure at your convenience without any immediate capital layout. We will be consulting until 22 December 2023 and have an early start on 2 January 2024. Book now to avoid 2024 price increases.

Lasik in spring

Disclaimer:. Glasses are safe because there is no medical procedure involved. If you are happy to wear glasses LASIK is not for you. LASIK is a lifestyle procedure providing unaided vision. According to research the cumulative risk of contact lenses may be more than LASIK. Three-Year Longitudinal Survey Comparing Visual Satisfaction with LASIK and Contact Lenses  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27208981/   

Written by Dr Yolandie 

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